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Post subject: Long time ago...
Post Posted: Jun 16, 2015 2:04 am
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It was in December 1996th. It was cold, Russian winter. I was returning from the party. It was on the southwest outskirts of Moscow, something between 9.00 and 10.00 p.m. The streets were empty, only the lonely pedestrians. I was going to the subway station. I finished smoking and went up to the trashcan to throw out the cigarette butt. Suddenly, I noticed small computer game shop. It was opened. I decided to check whether there was a novelty among the games. There was nobody in the shop except young girl, a seller. I approached her and she noticed me. She looked startled. I examined her, she looked at 16-17 years, something like a Melahn Tode. Same hair color, same haircut.
I smiled and said: “Good evening, young lady”.
She smiled too and replied: ”Good evening, young man. Can I help you?”
Me: “No, I just looking for new games”
I began to look at the games. There were many games on the shelves: strategies, quests, adventures, RPGs, simulators, FMV games... Most of the games I already had, and the rest were of no interest for me. I didn’t see the games on the bottom shelf, the girl closed them with herself.
Suddenly, she asked me: ”Do you smoke, young man?”
Me: “Yes. Why?”
She: “Spare me a сigarette, please.”
I pulled out the sealed pack of “Rothmans” from the pocket, put it on the counter and said: “Here you go, young lady.”
She “No, I can’t accept whole pack”
Me: “Don’t hesitate, take it. But consider this: “Rothmans” is very strong сigarettes. Smoke no more then one сigarette per hour.”
She: “Thank you very much, young man. I’ll consider this”
She came aside to open the cigarette pack and I… (I don’t know what it was. Just a coincidence? Or stroke of fate?) …looked at the lower shelf that girl closed with herself. I noticed the dark, blue game box and game title: “The Pandora Directive”. “Strange game title”: was my first thought. Then I looked at game box more attentively and recognized… Tex Murphy Logo! UAKM sequel! I remembered 1994th when I had played UAKM and my problems with English. But in 1996th I speak English fluently! Thanks to my University teacher, Tatiana Ivanovna.
I asked the girl: “What can you tell me about this game?”
She: “I don’t know. I don’t play computer games”.
Me: “Well, can I take a look at the game box?”
She: “Of course, young man” and offered me the game box.
I kept this game box up to now. I kept game manuals there. That is was what I read on the box:
«It's April, 2043 and you as Tex Murphy, the last of the old style gunshoes find yourself racing against time in the most dangerous game of your life. What is the truth behind the rumoured UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico? Why did the military suddenly shut down and seal off the Roswell complex? And why the frequent references to the lost Mayan civilization?
It starts out like a hundred other cases. $500 a day (plus expenses) to track down a missing person. As you pick up Thomas Malloy's trail, you release you're not the only one looking for him. By the time you discover he's ex-military and knows what really happpened on 6th July 1947, it's too late. The goverment's biggest secret is loose and you're trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the most powerful and ruthless agency in the world.
Welcome to ACCESS Software's latest Tex Murphy adventure – The Pandora Directive.
Based on a novel by Aaron Conners.
The PANDORA Directive features
Unrestricted movement. Our unique «Virtual World» engine allowes you to slip under desks, rifle through draws, without the restrictions of rendered paths you can explore Tex's three dementional world with full freedom of movement.
Incredible replayability. Follow one of three narrative paths leading to seven different endings. Are you a hard boiled but honest P.I. struggling to overcome the forces of greed and corruption? Or a cynical opportunist who may have to «sell out» your principles to score the big payoff? Perheps you'll fall somewere in between? Your choices could reveal more about yourself than you'd really like to know».
I was impressed and intrigued. I made my decision instantly.
«How much does it cost?»: I asked a girl.
She: «360 000 RU». (It was 65$ in 1996th).
Me: «I'll take it».
She: «Can you afford it? It's expensive!»
Me: «Not for me, young lady».
She: «Well, 360 000 RU, please».
Me: «Of course».
I pulled out cash from the pocket, counted 360 000 RU and offered money to the girl.
Me: «Thank you, young lady, goodbye».
She: «Goodbye, young man».
In 11.00 PM I came home. I installed the game and started playing. I questioned everyone, searched every location, solved all puzzles. I reached the end of Day Three. I remember the moment when Tex looked in binoculars. Damn, Black Arrow Killer was searching Emily's room! I thought : «What a pity that Tex didn't have a sniper riffle». Meanwile, Emily was carelessly returning to her room, Black Arrow Killer hide himself. Because of stress my heart beated very often. Tex was running to «Fuchsia Flamingo». Gus Leach stalled Tex. «What an idiot!»: was my thought.
Meanwhile, Emily entered her room, Black Arrow Killer attacked her and started strangling. My heart started beating more quickly. Tex started knocking at the door. I thought: «Why? May be he thought that Black Arrow Killer will politely open the door?». Thank God, Emily was smarter. She hit Black Arrow Killer with tequilla bottle, Black Arrow Killer was distracted, Tex smashed the door, Black Arrow Killer grabbed the box and escaped through the balcony. At least Emily was saved.
I was so agitated and could't play further. I went out into the street and smoked FIVE strong «Rothmans» cigarettes. One by one. Then I retuned home and drank a glass of Spanish red dry wine. After that I felt myself better and resumed the game. After saving Emily, I had to catch Black Arrow Killer. I asked Louie and Rook about stranger. Rook saw Black Arrow Killer. I came to Rusty Funhouse Roof. I was trying to catch Black Arrow Killer «off guard», but I failed. I took a hint and figured out that I had to hide behind the cooling unit. I did it, then attacked Black Arrow Killer. Tex and Black Arrow Killer started fighting. Black Arrow Killer was better fighter then Tex. I couldn't foreseen how the fight would ended. But Tex pushed Black Arrow Killer from the roof. Black Arrow Killer kicked ass for all time!
I sighed with relief and said: “This is for Sandra, scum! And for Emily!”
After that I looked at my clock. It was 5.15 AM. I drank one more glass of wine and went asleep. My first day of playing “The Pandora Directive” was over.


Truly yours,
(С уважением,

Post subject: Re: Long time ago...
Post Posted: Oct 29, 2015 12:51 pm
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That was very well told, thanks for sharing :)


(Ruri_Ayanami from the old Tex Murphy ezboard).
"I don't believe in intuition, don't know why... just a feeling." - Tex Murphy

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