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Jack Vanian
Post subject: Re: The site is there!
Post Posted: Aug 27, 2008 3:32 pm
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I agree, in some cases music on websites can be really annoying ,but having the great combination of visual and audio aspects from the teaser in mind, i think it would be a stunning combination for the website.
( At least if it´s not a 20 second soundfile, that repeats again and again :wink: )

Despite that , does anyone know any film noir message boards?
It might be worth a try ,promoting the game on such message boards since the teaser and visual aspect of the website might be really appealing to fans of film noir ( even if they aren´t computer players). I still believe in the circumstance , that there are masses of potential players that are interested in storybased games, that normally don´t play any games, and never even know about the existence of games like that. One of the big questions for the future - concerning storybased games in general- will be how to reach this gigantic unused potential.

I´ve seen people getting into Gabriel Knight2 by coincidence or promotion from my side, who never played any games before, but who got crazy for it because of the depth and complexity of the story. A lot of adventure games these days unfortunately have stories that are comepletely superficial , shallow characters and do not really appeal to nonplayers who like strong story lines.
And that´s the advantage that people like Jane Jensen and AC have, compared to all these people, considering that these 2 are real authors.
So don´t hesitate spreading the word in places you wouldn´t even think about in the first place.

Due to other reasons i´m dealing with these questions in a very intensive way, and the only thing i know is that it´s not utopic in the long run (not talking about FMV but games based on strong storys in general, that might also appeal to a more mature audience, where a lot of current adventures seem to have problems due to thin storylines)

michel pronk
Post subject: Re: The site is there!
Post Posted: Aug 28, 2008 12:05 pm
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kliked bookmarked loving it as im typing this looks briljant.


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