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Re: What kind of wheels do you have?

I have my 2016 Nissan Versa.
December 14, 2021 • 4:08 pm by Bjyman

Happy Birthday Darren

I wanted to wish Darren a Happy Birthday! I hope the programming is treating you well.
February 28, 2017 • 4:51 pm by Bjyman

Re: Merry Christmas and New Year 2016.

Merry Christmas!
December 25, 2015 • 7:06 pm by Bjyman

Re: Nikola Tesla

I had just read something that he didn't actually invent the lightbulb. Did he simply get the credit for being charismatic?
July 20, 2015 • 7:39 am by Bjyman

Re: Nikola Tesla

If you ever want another poke let me know. I see alleged typos all over the place and don't know what to do. :?
July 16, 2015 • 10:31 am by Bjyman

Re: Nikola Tesla

Tesla strikes me as being along the lines of Thomas Edison. Long live the legacy!
July 16, 2015 • 7:48 am by Bjyman

Re: Anyone super crafty/techie?

Does this cover just not have the nostalgic feel?
February 23, 2015 • 9:39 pm by Bjyman


Sounds like we need a how to open your box video tutorial.
February 23, 2015 • 6:25 am by Bjyman

Re: Anyone super crafty/techie?

Don't have time to absorb everything, but it seems like the idea of copying the images from the DVD box and scaling them to the size of a big box wont work? It would seem to cool to have it match the DVD. I say the more similar the better.
February 20, 2015 • 8:46 pm by Bjyman

Re: Your favorite game genre?

Chandler wrote:
Alexander wrote:Well, please, post your answer.
LOL, you post into a 9 year old thread and that's your statement? :P
9 years is a lot of patience!
February 06, 2015 • 1:28 pm by Bjyman

ROOM.LS 2015 New Years Edition!

For the new year I decided to spice up things even more in Overseer. 2 new hotspots have been enabled and 3 new .wav files are now available at Linsky's House. Additionally I dropped in another .wav file on a duplicate .wav file in another Day 1 location for a total of 6 new additions! However, I ha...
January 10, 2015 • 10:10 pm by Bjyman

Re: Tex- The Early Years (my second attempt at uploading).

He's hiding behind the board!
January 06, 2015 • 8:13 pm by Bjyman

Re: Happy New Years 2015!!

I'm not sure I know my role mon, but I am seeing people going on a trip. Happy New Years!
January 01, 2015 • 7:07 pm by Bjyman

Contentedness on the Board or The Library

Like others have said, I have noticed that the board has been quiet. Should that be taken as a sign of Mission Accomplished or is there room for more?
December 14, 2014 • 12:40 pm by Bjyman

Re: Pulling A Bjyman!

Thanks guys. Its B-j-y-man.
December 13, 2014 • 6:44 pm by Bjyman