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Runaway 2: the dream of the turtle.

I just finished it after 2 days. It's nice, it's pretty much like the first one. There more really tricky puzzles. I recommend it to those who enjoyed the first one. But there are few little deceptions. 1) It looks like it's eating CPU and GPU time like quake 4 although it's 2D "point and click...
December 06, 2006 • 4:16 pm by zarathoustra While thinking about BSD adventure and of you guys writing Tex Text Adventure in the forum. I thought it would be nice for you to have a tool for easily writing text adventure without being a programmer. And i accidentaly found that: TADS. I didn't have a look at it. So i can't ...
September 05, 2006 • 2:05 pm by zarathoustra

eh, I got stuck in a damn cave in BSD adventure. I feel silly too... Maybe i should try to play it again? Is there any reckless soul who would be interested in playing it? I could quickly port it to windows if several people were interested i guess. (no promises, but it's really old cold, but it was...
September 05, 2006 • 12:59 pm by zarathoustra

Hmmm. Yes, it would be a problem. That should be a game with lots of Texs. And you could wave at the other Texs in the street, or shoot them. Well, maybe i played quake too much since 98. :? I'll have to quit that... Or if someone could make a Tex mod for quake. I'd like to play the drunk prophet in...
August 27, 2006 • 7:59 pm by zarathoustra

Tex Multiplayer. uh?

How would would imagine a tex mulltiplayer game?
i was wondering about that...
It's difficult to make a multiplayer adventure game without ruoining either the multiplayer part or the adventure part...

PS: yes
August 26, 2006 • 8:19 pm by zarathoustra

yea, they are cancel the 10th season of SG-1 because it lost more than 25% of audience if i rember well...
August 26, 2006 • 8:17 pm by zarathoustra

Does Tex Murphy speaks chinese

In UAKM he had to deal with a chinese girl.
Do you think he learned few chinese words from that interview with that beautiful girl who would beat him or not?
August 24, 2006 • 8:17 pm by zarathoustra

lol "extremely poor..." apart from that it realy sux we can't play tex murphy games easily under XP it will probably be worst under vista. Plus i kinda mind access software about oversser cause i, bought all tex murphy games since UAKM because they were really great.... But overseer deceiv...
August 24, 2006 • 8:11 pm by zarathoustra

nice one.

August 24, 2006 • 8:02 pm by zarathoustra


now do you speak chinese ? :wink:
Or if you prefer with traditional characters:

August 24, 2006 • 5:04 pm by zarathoustra

eh, you got my PM...
I didn't mean that.
Sorry... but you also mistook last night...
August 24, 2006 • 5:01 pm by zarathoustra

if only we could rewrite the old engine...
August 24, 2006 • 4:58 pm by zarathoustra

Why should it make sense to everyone? :D
August 23, 2006 • 4:02 pm by zarathoustra

August 23, 2006 • 3:41 pm by zarathoustra

I'm going to light one up too.
August 23, 2006 • 3:38 pm by zarathoustra