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Re: 130% Stretch Murphy - OverFunded!!!!!! 130%

I think this might be one of the best days ever... just saying!

June 15, 2012 • 4:24 pm by litlkeck

Re: Hi Friends

Litlkeck great to see you... A Wife??? Whew time sure has flown, I could have sworn the last time we talked you weren't even dating {you were moving for a job if I'm not mistaken}... Sounds like things are going pretty good though, great to hear... I'd go with UAKM myself... It's not as in depth as...
June 15, 2012 • 4:22 pm by litlkeck

Re: Hi Friends

The wife says she won't play a Tex Murphy game with me until I play Lego Indiana Jones with her. Because, we have had it for almost a year and we haven't played it yet.


P.S. I'm going with Pandora, but she won't like the Alien Encounter part ... too twitchy for her.
June 13, 2012 • 8:33 pm by litlkeck

Hi Friends

It's been a while. So, I thought I'd say, "Hi." I'm super excited about the tex revival. I'm having my wife play the games. I'm not sure which to start her with, because she'll likely think they are great but only get through one. So, if she'll only get through one, I'm thinking I'll tell ...
June 12, 2012 • 12:32 pm by litlkeck

Re: Happy Holidays to all of you!

Happy Birthday, Jesus :) Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy Days. Good will to all!

December 25, 2011 • 7:18 pm by litlkeck

Re: Games of Chance

I regularly listen to the Radio Theater - it's great before bedtime listening, and I'm amazed how I'm always excited to hear it every time still. And, I'm definitely never read to be left with another cliffhanger :P

Cannot wait for the books!

December 07, 2011 • 6:59 pm by litlkeck

Re: Keck Happy Days...

Not a bad Birthday. Going through a rough patch in life right now. Sometimes things don't go as we hope but such is life.

Thanks for the well wishes :)
October 22, 2011 • 10:11 am by litlkeck

Re: Batman: Arkham City

I'm ridiculously excited about it! Arkham City is one of the best games I've ever played. I can't wait!

October 17, 2011 • 6:33 pm by litlkeck


Really love the last one! Great smile, too cute!
July 14, 2011 • 8:19 pm by litlkeck


Happy Belated B-Day, James!

July 14, 2011 • 8:18 pm by litlkeck

Re: UAKM, PD, and Overseer

Doesn't matter how old they were when it came out! The games still play wonderfully and should be experienced by everyone! Tex for life!

March 20, 2011 • 8:59 pm by litlkeck

UAKM, PD, and Overseer

Just finished playing all three again. I tried to get the wife to be into it, and she enjoyed helping with a few puzzles. They are still such amazing games. I need to get her to play them all the way through, me thinks.

Do yourself a favor, play them again, they are still just that good :)

March 14, 2011 • 8:33 pm by litlkeck

Re: Happy Birthday Ryan Patton

Happy Bday, Ryan! What are you doing to celebrate!?

March 05, 2011 • 6:07 pm by litlkeck

Re: Charlie Sheen

I'll just enjoy the show for now. As a die-hard Major League fan. I can say I expected nothing less from the Wild Thing.

Yep, it's time to watch Major League again.

"Tried the corner and missed."
March 03, 2011 • 4:47 pm by litlkeck

Re: Why does Telltale do episodic games?

I think the episodic format for a company such as them is about the only model that works well. You already have a niche audience, and selling you the game piecemeal keeps you interested and also brings in new customers with the whole, "Eh, it's only $5 maybe I'll like it." I do get what y...
March 03, 2011 • 4:40 pm by litlkeck