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Re: Need help from fellow Tex Murphy fans

Try Deviant Art, but seriously, I think you are lowballing it. That's a lot of work and effort on the artists part for essentially nothing.
May 31, 2015 • 1:06 pm by Jen

Re: Anyone super crafty/techie?

I've been thinking since I first made the suggestion to someone in the BFG forums that a template that people can print at home is the most likely successful route. Thats an interesting idea, but I don't know how you would be able to print on a manufactured box. Could you elaborate on that? But goo...
March 02, 2015 • 9:56 pm by Jen

Re: Anyone who doesn't got to BFG site, please help with Fli

Never used it. Chrome and Firefox are my go to's.
March 02, 2015 • 9:55 pm by Jen

Re: Anyone who doesn't got to BFG site, please help with Fli

Yes, I see your picture and CJ's autograph..
The link works and it has embedded correctly.
March 02, 2015 • 1:26 pm by Jen

Re: Anyone who doesn't got to BFG site, please help with Fli

And there is no image in your post.
March 02, 2015 • 12:50 am by Jen

Re: Anyone who doesn't got to BFG site, please help with Fli

I'm not sure how it is possible that Imgur is incompatible with your browser. I've used it on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE but YMMV. Directions With Flickr. Open an image. Towards the bottom right of the page there is a star, an arrow pointing sideways, and a arrow pointing downward. Click on the midd...
March 02, 2015 • 12:45 am by Jen

Re: Audiobooks

Yes. The Chris Jones version of PD was Kickstarter backer only. The author narrated Tex novels can be prepurchased at
February 28, 2015 • 12:19 pm by Jen

Ready for the feels train to come barreling down on you?

Then check this out. Thanks Lynne for posting, I can't believe this gem slipped past us for so long.
February 20, 2015 • 10:02 pm by Jen

Re: Anyone super crafty/techie?

Did you get a quote?
February 20, 2015 • 3:32 pm by Jen

Anyone super crafty/techie?

Is is possible to make our own "Big Box" box? I would be willing to to compensate anyone who has the ingenuity to cook up something nice.

February 19, 2015 • 10:52 pm by Jen

Re: Jen, I can't post the pictures I wanted to post here or

You can host the picture on Imgur. Easy, and they never email you. Best place to safely post pics.

January 01, 2015 • 2:39 am by Jen

Re: Wanna fill me in?

I think there was another "cheat" around the fireballs. If you hit the escape key to bring up the menu it goes by without killing you. It wasn't my cheat, someone else told me about it. Confirm?
December 29, 2014 • 9:13 pm by Jen

Re: Merry Christmas to you all!

Merry Texmas to all of us! What a year it's been.
December 25, 2014 • 2:36 am by Jen

A present for you....


Click on the Imgur image 2x for every pore to become available.
October 29, 2014 • 12:55 pm by Jen

Re: Hey Chandler...

Lovely dress and complementary shall. Looks like it was a fun time. :D
September 11, 2014 • 12:54 am by Jen