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Re: Ways to Die in the Tex Murphy Series

If you are going to die, die in Under a Killing Moon. The Great PI in the sky made dying actually quiet enjoyable. So many can't remember them all. I'll get you started. UAKM Talking to Franco Franco Killed by laser field at Eddie Ching's Killed by the Chameleon Killed by the robot at GRS Killed by ...
March 15, 2017 • 9:38 pm by sam10100

Re: Is this a sign that I'm getting old

What would you do? Be friends with Frank "Ferret Face" Burns? Surely not! Personally Radar was my favorite. Hands down the nicest fellow you'd ever want to meet. I'm glad he made it home safely.
March 15, 2017 • 9:24 pm by sam10100

Re: Need help

Yes I agree with the others. Just go to GOG and pay the money to get the games in an easy to play format. For the time and effort you have to go through getting the games to work on your own, it's worth it.

Besides as we know, Tex is hard up for money.
March 15, 2017 • 9:23 pm by sam10100

Re: My last ever day of University

Congratulations Joel. It's a very big deal. It's been so long since I had to celebrate graduation. I seem to recall I got in my car and drove to my favorite restaurant at the time and ordered my favorite. Not very imaginative but after all those years in college, I appreciated give my brain a little...
December 04, 2016 • 12:42 pm by sam10100

Re: Hi everyone!

Howdy partner.
February 14, 2016 • 8:04 pm by sam10100

Re: I miss everyone

Awh. We miss you too. But that alas is life. Stuff happens and people have things going on in their lives.
August 16, 2015 • 8:49 pm by sam10100

Re: Questions about Overseer

Well I guess when I said more action, I was referring to the scenes dealing with Slade and desperately trying not to get killed. There was also the part about trying not to get killed in in Gideon's art gallery. I guess I mean the more action style puzzles as opposed to the location puzzles where yo...
May 30, 2015 • 4:38 pm by sam10100

Re: LGR Finds mint Tex games at local Goodwill.

Pretty cool. Too bad the light isn't still blinking. :D
April 18, 2015 • 9:15 pm by sam10100

Re: Questions about Overseer

The official first game in the series is called "Mean Streets". It was an old style, very pixelated game using the keyboard (kinda like the early Monkey Island games). The story from that game is being retold as a flashback in Overseer. So it's basically in the same story but with consider...
April 18, 2015 • 9:12 pm by sam10100

Re: Ghostbusters

I admit I'm a bit torn myself. I have no problem with an all female cast for Ghostbusters but would prefer a more ensemble cast. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Men and women can work together. That to me seems a better display of equality rather than trying to overcompensate but making an all...
February 01, 2015 • 11:42 am by sam10100

Re: Pulling A Bjyman!

Yes you are! Who's a good boy.
December 12, 2014 • 7:35 pm by sam10100

Re: ???????

What? Did somebody show up? I'm going back to my nap. Wake me if you need something.
October 08, 2014 • 6:50 pm by sam10100

Re: James, boy or girl or both?

According to their Facebook post, it's going to be a boy.
October 08, 2014 • 6:49 pm by sam10100

Re: Happy Birthday JIM (the old guy)

Hope you are having a good day playing video games.
September 14, 2014 • 9:08 am by sam10100

Re: Anyone receive books yet?

Hilarious Jim. :lol:
September 08, 2014 • 9:54 pm by sam10100