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Kickstarter Rewards Updated / Box / Radio Theatre and Dead Links on BFG Site

Hope you guys can help. Given the recent announcements about the big box and new radio episodes for the Kickstarter backers, I thought I would attempt to get back into the Kickstarter / Mutant league Downloads. Problem being I changed my email since the original Kickstarter (as it got hacked) and se...
June 29, 2021 • 5:16 am by Fiery Phoenix

Martian Memorandum Responses Not Showing

Game installs and loads fine - however whenever I get to character it seems to freeze / crash after their opening line. The Response choices are showing along the bottom of the screen only - not in the middle (per You Tube clips) and I cannot select them or get past this I even attempted to play the...
April 07, 2018 • 8:05 am by Fiery Phoenix

Re: Rank 'em!

I was a backer for Tesla Effect and only just played it / finished it a few days ago. The graphics and FMV quality was excellent and the acting overall was probably the best in the series. Only downsides, too short in places and too long in others (Tesla labs) The story was ok-ish - not as good as U...
April 07, 2018 • 8:01 am by Fiery Phoenix

Re: Overseer on Windows 10 (64 bit machine)

Thanks for the help - but no joy Exactly the same problem as described above - really annoying as worked fine on my old XP setup before I got a new PC. Even tried fiddling with the DGVoodoo setup - trying different variations Recenly completed UAKM again and on to the TPD now - wanted to complete th...
June 05, 2017 • 11:01 am by Fiery Phoenix

Re: Overseer on Windows 10 (64 bit machine)

Hi, yet it is the GOG version Downloaded DGVoodoo again. Exctracted the file (dgVoodooSetup) and copied it to the Overseer GOG folder Made sure running in Win 98 compatability mode. Right clicked the Oversser icon and ran as an administrator - Tex Murphy Overseer system checker loads up. I select co...
June 03, 2017 • 10:36 am by Fiery Phoenix

Re: Overseer on Windows 10 (64 bit machine)

A year on.....

still no joy, did try the above but can just see a quick flash of a black screen and the words dgvoodo in the corner before it exits.

Anyone confirned Overseer working on a 64bit Win 10 OS?

Many thanks
May 29, 2017 • 6:41 am by Fiery Phoenix

Re: Overseer on Windows 10 (64 bit machine)

Reply from GOG copied below - looks like it's a no go: I'm afraid that your operating system is not supported in this game (Windows 10). We weren't able to make the game work reliably on our test computers running that system. Because of this, this system is not listed among the compatible ones on t...
January 26, 2016 • 5:08 am by Fiery Phoenix

Overseer on Windows 10 (64 bit machine)

Hoping someone can help me as I have hit a bit of a brick wall I have managed to get UAKM & TPD running via DosBox fine. However Overseer is a Windows game so it cannot be installed the same way The GOG version just hangs on an 'Overseer.exe' has stopped working - I have managed to get a Direct ...
January 24, 2016 • 7:00 am by Fiery Phoenix