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Re: Remake - Possible Solution

I tried to do something like this a few years ago but I didn't know much about 3d back then. Now I'm an expert with 3D art. I'd be interested but only if we got BFGs blessing and I had some spare time. And it'd mostly be minor props only, nothing too major due to time constraints.
June 11, 2014 • 9:47 pm by mr_cyberpunk

Re: Tesla Effect Cheaper On Steam

the reason why you see games on special a lot on steam is because it creates an extra listing for them in the specials section. it increases awareness meaning more profit. I'm intending on doing something similar next year. I figured this out after researching Steam release ideas and how to really g...
May 30, 2014 • 12:28 pm by mr_cyberpunk

Re: Did Tesla live up to expectations for you? (major spoile

definitely lived up to expectations though its execution was rather rough around the edges. It could've been graphically better and could've definitely had fewer bugs at launch. But overall its a fantastic game. Ain't no one can fault it as being a bad game. In hindsight though I wish we'd had more ...
May 25, 2014 • 9:01 am by mr_cyberpunk

Re: A thread to collect all Tesla Reviews out there

Total Biscuits Review (and a bit of a history lesson).
May 12, 2014 • 5:41 pm by mr_cyberpunk

Re: I'm undecided on Tesla Effect

I just find it odd you can't drag and drop items onto each other, you have to use a separate combine interface- which kinda doesn't make a lot of sense to have there constantly present. Simply draging and dropping is enough, even UAKM and Pandora allowed for Drag and Drop combining. Just gotta say i...
May 12, 2014 • 12:25 am by mr_cyberpunk

Re: Might Be Time to Replace the Kickstarter Ad

lol be careful Officer James might be forced to take you back to the station with him.
May 12, 2014 • 12:21 am by mr_cyberpunk

Re: I'm undecided on Tesla Effect

I kinda wish the game had more Letter and Photo puzzles, these were like the trademarks of a Tex Murphy game. It just feels like the Electronics Shop doesn't really serve a function this time around, whereas in past games it was always used for getting equipment to solve those puzzles which I though...
May 11, 2014 • 4:12 pm by mr_cyberpunk

Re: Help or hints needed

Pull the bottles out and push them back in, that's what i did to get it working.
May 10, 2014 • 9:48 pm by mr_cyberpunk

Re: Positive (No Spoilers) Comments for Tesla Effect!

Yeah I loved every second of this game. It might even be better than pandora directive. I still need to do a few more play throughs before I give it that title though. But I really loved this game, and the soundtrack was amazing.. Especially the intro music. Also cubs work on the VFX end is some of ...
May 10, 2014 • 9:26 pm by mr_cyberpunk

Re: Help or hints needed

I need help with the satellite. Snuck past the second patch of bees, activated the puzzle to reroute power, aligned the satellites, and now I'm sort of stuck. Tells me I still need to go to the auxillary power thingy. Am I experiencing a bug? Or am I supposed to get past those spiders in their webs...
May 09, 2014 • 9:37 pm by mr_cyberpunk

Re: Post Play Remorse

Looking at the game files, Apparently I got what's called the Animus ending. And the files suggest there's actually 4 endings (but 2 a very similar). I wonder what the hell I did wrong lol. (and no I didn't watch them, I just looked at the file names). I'll be doing a replay of this sometime in the ...
May 09, 2014 • 9:23 pm by mr_cyberpunk

[Guide] How to View and Edit the FMVs in Tesla Effect.

Make sure you backup all your files before editing anything This is a guide for anyone wanting to extract the cutscenes so they can perhaps play them on their mobile devices, or maybe edit them if that's what they wish to do. In order to modify the files you'll need to simply download and install R...
May 09, 2014 • 8:44 pm by mr_cyberpunk

Re: Gamebreaking bug in Sesen Cathedral caused by travel sys

I didn't see this post until now. Yes this indeed is a game breaking bug and should be reported (again I still have no idea how we go about reporting bugs.)

I didn't get much time to test the Travel system when I played might be worth doing another play where I just spam the travel system.
May 09, 2014 • 8:14 pm by mr_cyberpunk

Re: Took A Walk ...

Jerry Dan wrote:
joliet_jane wrote:"Wow, the city looks great from Coit Tower! I wonder how close I can get to the edge?"

... Oops. :oops:
Heh, same here.
LOL.. I was merely trying it because I'm like.. "hmm I wonder if there's collision detection on this led..... Nope... there wasn't"
May 09, 2014 • 7:29 pm by mr_cyberpunk