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Re: Anne-Lise, Congrats...

It'll take more than one lifetime erasing that image! But that's ok, we've become the best of friends now. It's nice knowing I'll never be alone in my own head again :D

And thanks for remembering my birthday! :)
November 28, 2012 • 4:08 pm by Anne-Lise

Re: I love the 90%'s! For the Tex Murphy FMV Trilogy!!!

OMG! Went to bed at 84% yesterday. Have lousy blinds that are not capable of shutting out the sun at all. Woke up two hours early. Read my Twitter feed in bed. Realized something is up with the kickstarter campaign. We're at 96%! Love my lousy blinds!
June 06, 2012 • 11:03 pm by Anne-Lise

Re: Plan 9 - Finally! An Announcement!

So happy!
March 20, 2012 • 5:06 pm by Anne-Lise

Re: Attention! Attention!

Sir, yes sir!
March 15, 2012 • 3:57 pm by Anne-Lise

Re: Anne-Lise, Congrats...

Thanks you all!
The mental image of Fred as a butterfly with bells on is the best present ever!
November 30, 2011 • 1:02 pm by Anne-Lise

Re: To Tex Murphy fans around the world,

No Fred, I'm not an archaeologist. After studying archaeology, history and political science I ended up in the media analysis business. Naturally. :D
September 30, 2011 • 10:14 am by Anne-Lise

Re: To Tex Murphy fans around the world,

I was living with some friends of mine (fellow archaeology students)and one of them made me play through one of her favorite games. Whitch turned out to be The Pandora Directive. I have no idea how she came by it though.
September 29, 2011 • 1:08 pm by Anne-Lise

Re: Happy birthday Fred!!!!!!

Gratulerer med dagen! Ingen sier (synger, eller "synger") det vel bedre enn Olga Marie:

Men du er kanskje for ung til å huske Solo-reklamen fra tidlig nittitall?
August 13, 2011 • 3:16 am by Anne-Lise

Re: I'm alive still.

I wholeheartedly agree with our Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg saying the answer to violence is even more democracy. Even more humanity.
July 23, 2011 • 3:38 am by Anne-Lise

Re: The end of my space-time continuum

I've become quite the NASA enthusiast after visiting Kennedy Space Center last year and Space Center Houston this year. It must have been fantastic working on the shuttle program. But I hope your time in Seattle will be exciting too.
March 21, 2011 • 2:18 pm by Anne-Lise

Re: Gettin' hitched!

February 26, 2011 • 9:39 pm by Anne-Lise

Re: Now I know how Moses must have felt

Hurrah! That's all I'm capable of saying while dancing around like a maniac :D
February 02, 2011 • 1:13 pm by Anne-Lise

Re: Gratulerer med dagen Anne-Lise!

Thanks! Had a lovely day. I'll take that beer now :D
November 29, 2010 • 2:32 pm by Anne-Lise

Re: A very big congrats to!

Happy birthday!
November 03, 2010 • 3:45 pm by Anne-Lise


Happy birthday! Hope it's a great one :D
September 12, 2010 • 7:24 am by Anne-Lise