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Re: 'Poisoned Pawn' Novel Release Date!

Thanks for promo, James! :) Just a heads-up: you can buy a signed and/or dedicated copy of the book directly from me. As I explain on my website, I'd also like to see if we can get "bestseller" status for the book on Amazon, so for anyone who wants a paperback, but also wants to help make ...
January 20, 2021 • 3:51 pm by AC

Re: Anyone got a clue when the audiobooks will be done?

Here's the quickest way to order the audio books: Send $14.95 per audio book to the PayPal account , then send an email to and you'll be sent a link to download the MP3 files. As a special deal for Tex fans, buy two (for $29.90) and get the th...
April 28, 2016 • 3:12 pm by AC

Re: Anyone got a clue when the audiobooks will be done?

For now, the audio books are available through my website ( only. When the next novel is written and recorded, I'll look into releasing all four of them on Audible.
April 28, 2016 • 11:19 am by AC

Re: The Poisoned Pawn

For those who don't know, there will also be a new novel: "Tex Murphy and the Poisoned Pawn". It will start immediately after the events of Tex Murphy and Tesla Effect (novel). A strange and disturbing event leads to an extended conversation between Tex and Count St. Germain, during which ...
April 27, 2016 • 4:05 pm by AC

Re: Anyone got a clue when the audiobooks will be done?

It seems I forgot to follow up on this thread and let everyone know that audio books are now available.

I am a terrible self-promoter.
April 27, 2016 • 3:59 pm by AC

It was my pleasure... meet Claudia Frewin and her husband Allan today. Both warm, sweet, charming people! Allan is a fellow writer and we had a lovely chat about the loneliest of professions (outside of lighthouse keeping, maybe). Claudia brought me some very thoughtful gifts, which will take honored spots on my wr...
March 10, 2016 • 4:09 pm by AC

Re: Anyone got a clue when the audiobooks will be done?

Hey all, The audio books are in post-production hell. I paid some people to finalize them and it's been one delay after another. Unfortunately, I'm not an audio designer, or I'd do it myself. I can't apologize enough for the absurdly long delay, but I've been assured that they will be ready "an...
October 23, 2015 • 3:28 pm by AC

Re: Anyone receive books yet?

Glad we got everything squared away, Jason. Now all I ask is that you get 100 other people to buy the books.

August 27, 2014 • 5:48 pm by AC

Re: Aaron, do you already have concept art for the next book

I do not have any concept art for the next book. And I'm always open to fan-contributed artwork. Just ask Bjorn Ottesen!
July 22, 2014 • 11:21 pm by AC

Re: Tesla Effect book -- Aaron Conners

Mr. Buckstein is correct. Tesla Effect was, for the most part, the Polarity story, though Ian is definitely onto something with the Tex/Donnelly connection. I suspect that connection might be explored further in the final saga, which is still tentatively titled "Trance". :-) The bridge sto...
July 21, 2014 • 10:28 am by AC

Re: Tex Murphy and the Pandora Directive, now live on Amazon

An exciting day! There will be a short delay while the Kindle versions of all three Tex Murphy novels are posted. They will be available later today. The new paperback versions of Under a Killing Moon and The Pandora Directive will also be available on Amazon today. My website is being updated today...
July 21, 2014 • 9:56 am by AC

Re: Tesla Effect book -- Aaron Conners

And one more thing...

I've been asked if I have plans to offer the three novels as a bundle. I'm not at the moment, because I envision a five-book series. When the last two novels are written, I'll decide if I want to do a deluxe version of the full series.

July 18, 2014 • 4:06 pm by AC

Re: Tesla Effect book -- Aaron Conners

Hey all, I just wanted to pop in and give an update on the new editions of my two previous novels. They're FINALLY done! Getting them finished took a bit longer than anticipated, but I wanted to make sure they were as ship-shape as possible. They've been submitted for publication to Amazon and Kindl...
July 18, 2014 • 4:03 pm by AC

Re: Tesla Effect book -- Aaron Conners

My pleasure!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the book, Ruben. If you get a chance, I'm encouraging everyone to go to and write a review (you can do it even if you didn't buy the book there). The more reviews, the more exposure we'll get. :-)

Thanks again for all the support!

July 09, 2014 • 11:09 am by AC


Bjyman, the new editions are not reboots, just updates. Here are the types of updates I've made: 1) There were some inconsistencies with backstory, dates, names, etc. that I wanted to address. 2) Also, there were elements from the game stories that were not in the books originally, but have become i...
June 16, 2014 • 10:09 am by AC