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Request for 'Test' section

James, What would you say to having a 'test' section, where people can post when they are testing their log-ins, avatars, signatures and general functionality of their posts? I have seen these in other forums and they are quite sucessful... great problem solvers. What do you think? Thanks, -Cub. =o)
June 02, 2005 • 2:36 pm by Cubase

There was an EZboard notification when I visited saying they were experiencing some kind of technical difficulties. Maybe that's the issue?

-Cub. =o)
June 02, 2005 • 2:25 pm by Cubase

Hey I like that one Jim! In regards to the others who want sigs, I will make the ones as requested along with a few more for others to pick and choose from. I am at work atm, and will probably hit the sack when I get back, and then probably have to go to uni for something. But after that , I will ma...
June 02, 2005 • 12:27 pm by Cubase

How about something a bit simpler than the signature you've displayed. On the left would be a white sillhouette of Tex lighting a cigarette on top the roof of the Ritz, set against the night background. On the right would be a brightly lit moon, perhaps with glowing edges, and a darkened sillhouett...
June 01, 2005 • 9:59 pm by Cubase

Great idea, new board, new beginnings... Name: Mathew (don't forget the one 'T') Age: 20 solar roatations B'day: 25 Jan Location: Sydney, Australia Occupation: Run my own Media Production comapny (Pro Vision Media). Also work at the UBS International Investment Bank as a graphic designer, as well as...
June 01, 2005 • 3:57 pm by Cubase

Cub lends his hand...

Wow, this is great James... well done on the new forum! Finally, a place where I can use my custom Signatures! But the main reson for thi post is.. if anyone else wants their own custon signature (see my example below) or even a funky avatar, just let me know what you want and I will make one for yo...
June 01, 2005 • 3:45 pm by Cubase