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Re: Happy Easter, people!

Happy Easter to you too Val. Hope the Smiling Rabbit smiled on everybody!

-Cub. =o)
April 23, 2014 • 3:17 pm by Cubase

Re: Aussie typhoon


-Cub. =o)
April 23, 2014 • 3:16 pm by Cubase

Re: New video update from Big Finish

Here's an interesting analogy: A driver (a car driver that is) refuses to change his tires. He has been advised by the mechanic, the dealership AND his friends he should... but his excuse is: he is too lazy, stubborn or inexperienced to change them himself. The mechanic and/or friends offer advice a...
April 23, 2014 • 3:14 pm by Cubase

Re: 59999 and 60000

Jim, I cannot begin to tell you what an honor it is to have you here. Makes me smile every time I think back at all the wonderful conversation we have all shared, and how now, while keeping the face we are all together for a new beginning! Cheers mate!

-Cub. =o)
April 14, 2014 • 10:34 pm by Cubase

Tesla Effect - Public DEMO now available on Steam!

Go get it peeps!'re welcome!

-Cub. =o)
April 09, 2014 • 8:12 pm by Cubase

Re: Under a Killing Moon - Colonel Epilogue

Ah ya did some good work Bjorn. Maybe it's not too late we can make a real detective out of ya!

-Cub. =o)
March 25, 2014 • 11:40 am by Cubase

Re: Rare Tex Murphy Screenshot

dthompsen wrote:Ah. These appear to be the developer clips from the Mayan Easter Egg room.

-Cub. =o)
March 19, 2014 • 10:30 pm by Cubase

Re: Update #65: Let's Catch Up

Awww.... miss Ripley too!

She would be so happy for what is happening now. Cheers wherever you are!

-Cub. =o)
March 17, 2014 • 4:35 pm by Cubase

Re: Rare Tex Murphy Screenshot

Tuco wrote:Also, just what the heck is Bjyman's avatar pic?
Bird's eye view of Chandler, with the wrap around city plane / texture.

-Cub. =o)
March 15, 2014 • 3:06 pm by Cubase

Re: Rare Tex Murphy Screenshot

Question: How does one extract the movie files from PD and UAKM?

-Cub. =lo)
March 14, 2014 • 12:12 am by Cubase

Re: Los Angeles - May 12th

And Peter Miller.

You should make your way to Utah.

-Cub. =o)
March 13, 2014 • 9:54 pm by Cubase

Re: Tesla Effect Preview on Game Trailers

You're welcome!

-Cub. =o)
March 13, 2014 • 12:14 pm by Cubase

Re: Tesla Effect Preview on Game Trailers

Two modes: casual and gamer. Gamer will not have "sparkles", casual mode (entertainment mode) will have them, but only in instances where the player elects to see them.

-Cub. =o)
March 12, 2014 • 4:35 pm by Cubase

Re: Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

Not to mention being shoulder-deep in the project itself!

But you know our motto: we deliver.

-Cub. =o)
February 09, 2014 • 8:01 pm by Cubase

Re: To BEta or not to BEta...

David already knows too much...

-Cub. =o)
January 26, 2014 • 3:41 pm by Cubase