Adam Wolfe

Tex Murphy fans may enjoy this unusual hidden object adventure game called Adam Wolfe, a noir detective mystery set in a futuristic San Francisco. I've just played the first episode and I was blown away and totally hooked.

Don't expect really hard puzzles, but expect wonderful graphics and a terrific story. It's very fast moving and totally engaging, the sort of game you don't want to end, and has a totally revolutionary approach to the hidden object type of game. You even get to shoot a gun, though if you don't like shoot 'em ups, it's not in the least intimidating.

The game is presented over four episodes, all of which are available on Steam or you can get the first two episodes from Big Fish Games.

It's the best game I've played for a while, a real discovery.
I'll buy this game.
Truly yours,
(С уважением,
Bought the whole series on Steam (even though I'm really not a fan of Steam). My wife and I played Episode 1 last night. She really enjoyed it.

Annie, you description is right on: it is pretty easy, it is relaxing, and the story really is the main thing.

Thanks for the tip.
Thanks for sharing this. I've added this to my wishlist on Steam. I'll wait until it goes on sale again.

I wish that the game was on GOG because that's my preference, but Steam is fine. Big Fish is ok, but I'm not a big fan of their client and the DRM.
Yeah, I usually add games to my wishlist too. I have several on the list right now. This time, however, I decided to go ahead and buy Adam Wolfe cause we wanted something to play now.
I also use this website to track the prices of games. You set a price point and add your email and it sends you a notification when the price drops. Pretty useful!