Rare Tex Murphy Screenshot


I made some discoveries today after looking at Ellis' Pandora movies outside of the game. I thought this was a voice over but after taking a close look in the movies I discovered it's actually a movie where Tex reflects on the interview with Malloy and not a .wav file. I thought it would be worthy of a post since its a never seen before look at the bottom of Tex's shoes. I never would have guessed the blue pattern.

Also, ever thought something was oversensitive about Archie's tone when you ask him about Malloy's other boxes? Turns out there's actually 3 variations of Archie saying the same thing. Like maybe one representing each box. The 2 that aren't used, to my knowledge, have Archie saying the same thing in a more considerate tone and in a more ticked off tone. Finally, Archie also has a hidden, silent negative AA response where he doesn't say anything, but slightly moves for a few seconds.
Question: How does one extract the movie files from PD and UAKM?

-Cub. =lo)
When I said outside of the game I should have said outside of the default game. In Pandora I'm still viewing the movies in game, I'm just telling the game to play a different movie than usual in a specified spot. In Pandora, for the characters, you need to use a Hex Editor on Charcode.AP and view the file. I figured out that the 0C(space)0Cs in the file specify the coordinates of the square movies. And the code to play movies is shorty after that with XX06. Where XX represents the current value of the movie for it's respective character/room. UAKM uses a similar concept, but I consider it a little trickier.

I suppose you could still extract the movies by recording DosBox somehow, but I can't get DosBox's recording functionality to totally work.
Nice catch Blair. Much obliged. :mrgreen:
Would you be able to tell me where to modify the file so that I can see that? I know my way around a hex editor, so as long as I know where and what I should be able to.

I'd suggest posting the modified file, but that would probably violate copyright.
There are multiple places you could do this at. Each normal movie has it's own placeholder. Go down to line 162,192 and 13 slots over. You should see an 02 replace this with 29 for the movie, save, and then exit and reenter the room somehow for recognition. (One way to do this is to run the intro on the auxillary panel.) This is normally the placeholder for Tex asks Ellis about Malloy after the first time, but can be substituted for any of Ellis' movies.

Here is the unchecked key I came up with.

00 Tex Murphy
01 Fitzpatrick
02 Malloy
03 NSA
04 Pernell
05 Messages
06 JI Thelwait
07 Anagrams
08 Blueprint
09 Cosmic Conncetion
0A Ellis
0B Witt
0C Pandora Device
0D I don't anymore than what Malloy said in interview
0E Bay City Mirror
0F I don't anything about any other boxes 1 hidden
10 I don't anything about any other boxes 2
11 Mayan or Aztec
12 Witt Box
13 I don't anything about any other boxes 3 hidden
14 Name isn't familiar
15 Sorry
16 I don't recognize that name
17 Drawing a blank
18 I can't help you with that
19 Hmm let me think no nothing
1A Archie Doesn't say anything
1B Herbal Tea
1C Power Cell Slide First Time
1D Roswell
1E Roswell Security Clearance
1F Archie Borrow Books
20 Anne of Green Gables
21 Spiderman Comics
22 Clean Toilets
23 Hey Murph what's going on?
24 Party
25 Black Avatar Speeder
26. Stairmaster
27. Warning
28 Archie Intro
29. Hidden reflection movie.
2A. Initially Malloy AA
2B. Jpg
2C. Malloy Interview Opening
2D. Mallloy Interview
2E. Second Malloy interview?
2F. Crash

Edit: I just found out that 2D is the default warning movie. The 27 Warning movie is a different variation where you see Tex's shadow walking up to the door first and he doesn't come inside.
Cool. I just did it and it worked perfectly!

The second warning movie is weird. The original sounds of Tex pounding on the door and Archie opening the blinds are all there. After so many years of seeing the same thing, it's cool to see that variation.

Interesting. I, too, have always wanted a better look at Tex's shoes.

Also, just what the heck is Bjyman's avatar pic?
Tuco wrote:Also, just what the heck is Bjyman's avatar pic?
Bird's eye view of Chandler, with the wrap around city plane / texture.

-Cub. =o)
I believe it's an aerial view of Chandler Ave from Pandora.

Using the same technique as above, I found a few new interesting things with Zack as well. Here are the videos as I was able to decode them:

00-Tex enters shop for first time
01-Really? wonder why we haven't received it?
02-Reason why we had to revoke
03-"It doesn't", "haven't sent us a dime"
04-Account is delinquent
05-Hamm Underwood doesn't work here anymore
06-Interest charges were outlined on application
07-Organ Trail donor clinic
08-Now on it's cash only - ask about and I'll give you a price
09-sounds good to me
0a-doesn't matter who you talk to
0b-I'm not your business advisor
0c-don't threaten me
0d-I guess this means my credit's shot
0e-that was my driver's license
0f-not sure whether my credit card still works
10-what happened to old fashioned love and compassion?
11-alcoholic accountant and little Timmy
12-company is run by incompetent bozos
13-oughta pay me for taking stuff of your hands
14-why don't I bring back all the stuff?
15-where's Hamm Underwood?
16-who do you finance through? The IRS?
17-I don't have that kind of money. Where will I find it?
18-Tex pays Zack.
19-insenitive behaviour is forcing me to take my business elsewhere.
1a-Better Business Bureau
1b-I happen to need my left arm. I'm a professional juggler.
1c-maybe I'll rip off your left arm
1d-you are a very helpful man
1e-have you decided to pay off your bill?
1f-anyway we can setup some payments?
20-decided not to pay off my bill.
21-no financing
22-you're going to really enjoy talking to our collections department
23-unless you're ready to settle account, take business elsewhere
24-Now on it's cash only - ask about and I'll give you a price (extended with Tex walk up)
25-see anything you like?
26-what can I help you with?
27-you ready to make a purchase?
28-what would you like to know about?
29-anything else?
2a-Robco battery pack
2c-Robco Combuster
2d-Robco Calltracer
2e-Rodent Tracker 9000
2f-egg-shaped speakers (new)
31-cyber nanny
32-colony crusier
33-Moon Child
35-misc. items
36-Etch-o-sketch (new)
37-ecto-detecto ghost finder (new)
38-sticks of joy
39-video watch
3a-Robco supercomputer
3b-Velcro box (new)
3d-Kanen hyper zoom
3e-Geordi LaForge visors
41-blue light special box? (new)
42-Porta-fax (new)
43-Inner monologue: I can't afford that.

Using that technique, go to line 74816 (decimal) and the 13th column. Change the number there from 2b (VAA) to anything else (such as 36). Save and ask Zack about the VAA.
@Cub Right on
@Matt Seems like you've mastered it! I've done all the way down to Gus Leach's vidphone message and have found some things here and there. Try Nilo 18 and 09.

Regarding the warning. I think it was meant for Path C and by the way Tex's shadow comes up I think it gives Archie's demeanor justification.
Do you know any way to play the letterbox videos normally. When they overlay on the HUD, I've found the colours get all wonky.
It may be possible to do if you do it out of an Ask About context. For instance I got the warning movie to be a different size when I replaced an Archie AA lead in with it. Those effects aren't permanent by any means. I'm also sure there's way to specify in the code somehow like the 0C_0C thing I was talking about. (You can play movies in the center of the screen if you wanted to by replacing the 0C values.)
For those who want to get in on the action, I've currently uploaded a movie of Archie's unlocked movies here. http://speedy.sh/Pz8Yv/archie.avi (The audio isn't overlayed 100%.)

Teaser - Does Tex fall out of his chair like he did in UAKM? Download the movie to find out.
No video, only audio. I've played it in 3 different players