Overseer Humor Scavenger Hunt

There are some things I have never done in all my years as a Tex Murphy fan. That is looking closely at every little item Tex needs to succeed in his adventures(plus some random things scattered around the games) to see if they contain humorous messages. Some things I noticed, some I didn't. The most recent thing I noticed was the explosive with the timer Tex obtains in Alcatraz. The warning states as follows:

"Hazardous materials such as this one should be handled cautiously and only handled by experienced professionals.

Excepting, of course, the occasional bungling private detective."

Next time I play through this game I am going to look VERY closely for more humorous little tidbits.
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I like exploring around in RPGs/Adventures to find funny or interesting stuff. Especially in games that don't take themself too seriously and have a sense of humour. I'm sure I don't always find it all though. In Thousand Arms there's some random person in one of the villages who says:
"Why don't I have a voice over? Is it because I'm an extra? This sucks." :lol:
(Ruri_Ayanami from the old Tex Murphy ezboard).
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I think the funnier parts are looking at the little items that Tex doesn't need to succeed...

Like the Basketball scene in the alley, that was funny, but you didn't need it to succeed and then there's the Gun scene... Just all those little things that really didn't even need to be there at all, but they are hilarious...
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Sometimes there is a bit of wry humor even when Tex finds something he needs. For example, at the Clocktower he is searching the ground floor and finds a rock. When you click on it he says, "A rock! I wonder if there's a hard place nearby."
"If you look to me for illumination, you better have a flashlight!"