Re: Tex Murphy series for sale at GOG!!

From how I remember Aaron describing Overseer, it was the game they had never planned for as they actually wanted to start a new Tex Murphy game that opened with the ending to Overseer. Instead, Access wanted a new Tex Murphy game out sooner so Aaron weren't able to insert the multiple story threads and paths the way they would have liked.

I wouldn't call Overseer a bad game, but I consider it to be the lesser of the Interactive Movie trilogy due to its linearity, video compression and story. Along those lines, UKAM and PD were more intriguing, but it's still worth a play as the soundtrack kicks major arse, plus Michael York makes the J.Saint Gideon character his own.
it was the dvd version that caused the problem, itel wanted them to write a game for dvd & when they finished intel told them they had changed their mind & the support they thought they would get didn't happen. So they put out the game the best they could.

I know when it came out I thought to myself what is a dvd, & when i got a pc with dvd I still couldn't play it. Someone told me they had a video card with a hardware decoder but they still needed dvd express to fool the program but it wasn't used.
tex murphy is back in town