Update: Spriteviewer for Tex's Office in Overseer - Released

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Edit: The utility that let's you change textures in Tex's Office in Tex Murphy Overseer has now been released. You can find at the Utilities section on the site.

Requirements: To use this utility you must have Art Money. Art Money has a freeware version and you should be able to find pretty easily, so it should be free to get.

How to Download: The utility is an Art Money table, which means it has the file extension .amt. To download it don't click on the link, but click save link as instead. The fact that the utility is being saved as a text file is ok.


1. Back up your R01.Map file from Overseer and place it another directory.
2. Open up Art Money and go to Search/Object/File.
3. Use ArtMoney to load the R01.Map in your current game directory that isn't backed up.
4. Go to Table/Load and pull up the .amt file you just downloaded from the site.
5. A table should now pop up with the names of objects in Tex's Office and the values should all be set to 3. 3 is the default value for objects.
6. Change 3 for whatever value between 0 and 255 you want to substitute it with.

Unfortunately, I haven't determined yet what value does what across the board, because the numerical values don't get interpreted the same way for each object, so play around with it.


1. Some textures you can put on objects are low quality textures. This is not a glitch and could be useful if your have to use low textures in Overseer in the first place.
2. The objects at the bottom of the table such as the Lollipops don't seem to like high numbered values for some reason. So if the game crashes you'll have to use a lower number value for the object(s).
3. To restore everything to default values either use a copy of your backed up R01.map file or select everything in the table and edit the values to 3.
4. If you swap switchable map files and rename it to R01.map, you may also be use the table for sprites in that map file.

Known Bugs:

1. Sometimes if you a visit a character right after you change a value the game will crash, and the subsequent emergency save will be useless, so remember the save button. Due to the frequency, and the fact that you can go to a room instead of a character, I find this to be insignificant.
2. While I consider the table to great, I make no representation to the quality of the file. Therefore, people use the table and it's contents at their own risk.

Post before Edit: Who wants to customize Tex's Office in Overseer?

I just found out how to precisely modify room textures in Overseer. Right now I'm using Tex's Office chair as a base and am going from there. I hope to release an interface sometime that allows people to create their own rooms. The only downside is the new sprites would be limited to the texture's in Tex's office, but look at my creations!

Wooden Chair


Desktop Chair


Magazine Chair


Vidphone Chair - For those who have to be high tech!

Pretty cool & crazy looking. I was just checking out your screenshots too!
Things are coming along nicely. A preliminary interface should be available soon. Parcheesi anyone?