gog have released a new overseer installer version 2 .....it's the dvd version they have taken the cd download away so it's dvd download only.....

check it out, they have replaced dvd express & replaced it with zing decoder.

OMG game no longer crashes crossing the chasam.
tex murphy is back in town
Awesome! I'm going to download this tonight!
AWESOME NEWS! Thanks for letting us know, Lynne!!
Something we have all wanted for a long time - Thanks for spotting and for sharing Lynne.

I'm getting an MPEG2 decoder error when I start. Says it can't find it.

Anyone else getting this. I'm on Windows 8.1 64-bit.
it should show as zing & it won't run if you have other codec packs installed on your system.
k-lite codec pack has been reported so far.
tex murphy is back in town

Christmas came early for all of us! :D

This is great.
I've been waiting to play the DVD version for ages.
Thanks! Downloaded it last night, and it works fine. I will play this in my Tex Murphy re-run week, prior to Tesla Effect.
WOAH! I have never gotten the DVD version to work for me since it originally came out. I am going to have to check this out! Been a while since I played Overseer, might be perfect timing to give her a go again. Finish it up before Tesla is released. Thanks for the tip!
DEFEAT! This game still crashes when it tries to work. Something about FFSD or something. However, I did see a little bit better video quality for the first time ever. No audio but the game seems to work. I don't really have time to waste on trying to get it to work so I just uninstalled it again. I'll wait until things aren't so janky. Overseer always was sort of the black sheep when it came to compatibility. It must be a nightmare to work with.
was this the first menu you saw that said....ffdshow as you need to select use this time until the time. it doesn't crash again. one other person stated no sound which seems to pc related.

rsx3d you need for sound but on the gog installation sometimes it doesn't install right & you cannot change the config file. I copied it from the original disk & then did the installation. the rsx3d will crash the game if you allow to pop up. I edit the config file not to stay on the task bar.

I had this installed with the old overseer so maybe thats why I am not having a problem.

the dvd will also crash if you have certain codec installed. once you fix this up the game runs great.
tex murphy is back in town
for sound problems just download a newer version of ffdshow or if the ffdshow settings menu doesn't come up again updating corrects it.
tex murphy is back in town
For some reason I can't get this new DVD version of Overseer working on my Windows 7 machine. When I start the game, the screen goes black for a few seconds and then returns to Windows with a "OVERSEER.EXE has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem"

Anyone else have that problem?