Overseer Premier Collection box

Hey guys. I was doing some searching on ebay to buy an Overseer box as thats the only box I don't own yet. I came across a Eddios Premier Collection box that I have never seen before. Like one here.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tex-Murphy-Over ... SwnTJXAYDm

I know that Eddios liked to take franchises and publish them as if they made them. I know they did that with the Tomb Radiers series and I think with the Thief games. Intel was the company that published Overseer, so what gives? Anyone know anything about this? Thanks, later.
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l Laugh at the wording, pretty good condition for a box that's knocked around so much
tex murphy is back in town
This was the version that was released in the UK. It sold for £9.99 which is what most of their titles sold for.

I remember this well - I was mortified the day I saw this because I scolded myself for not having bought a Tex Murphy game at full price and perhaps months earlier. I later discovered that Overseer was only released in the UK in this format.

Those wonderful boxes with the flashing lights never made it to the UK, so it turned out I hadn't missed the game first time round - it was only ever released as a bargain title. :-(

Though I like to think I made up for that when Tesla came out.
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They released a few titles in the same range including Tomb Raider 1. The boxes were all the same - the game's artwork was centred around a black border in the same way.

It was effectively their 'budget release' versions of games. i was kicking myself when I saw it thinking I'd somehow missed Tex first time, but I hadn't. It was how it was released here.
Send me a private message as I have a ton of older Tex stuff collecting dust in my basement.
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There's one on ebay right now:-

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Overseer-Tex-Mu ... xy69JTBB6R