Overseer Disc #5

When I try to go to the chess shop I am asked to insert disc#5. The game came with only 4 discs. I tried all the discs but none worked.
Did I get ripped off or is there a fix for my problem.
Thanks for any help. :?:
Overseer was sold and packaged with both CD and DVD versions. CD Disc 5 was not in the same jewel case as CD disc 1 through 4. It was in a separate jewel case along with the DVD. So, if you're missing the DVD version then you probably don't have the CD disc 5. But I'm sure someone on this message board has an ISO of disc 5 that could be made available to you.
Thanks for the help. I'll see if I can get help from someone, if not I'll try to return the game.
In the anasazi ruins, when I go to cross the chasm, it plays a video of tex noticing that there is no indiana jones style invisible bridge, and then he goes back. at which point, every time, the game crashes to windows for no apparent reason.
that crash on the cd happens to everyone. just before going up the stairs change to software decoder in the overseer config panel. use your direction keys to go up the stairs after the video scene crossing the chasam save the game & change back to hardware decoder.

using the overseer dvd version is a better way to play this game.
tex murphy is back in town