Gog.com Overseer on a Macbook Air

Hey everyone,

I kickstarted Tesla Effect, and have UAKM, Pandora Directive, and Overseer at GOG.com. UAKM & Pandora Directive work on Mac, but Overseer doesn't!

How do I run Overseer on my Macbook Air? Has anyone done this successfully?? I've Googled and Googled and still haven't found an answer.


Your best bet is to use "Boot Camp" to install Windows on your Mac, since Overseer is a Windows based game, unlike UAKM and Pandora, which are both DOS based games that use the DOSBox emulator. It is much less of a headache to use Boot Camp, as opposed to mucking around with VMs and Wine, but the only caveat is you need to reboot when switching between OSX and Windows.
Try using the program, Crossover.