Tex has lost his voice in Tesla Effect

Hi, anyone else had this? I tried to lower some of the other audio sliders because Tex was being drowned out by water sound effects. After awhile sliding Tex has lost his voice completely. When I examine an object I get subtitles instead of Tex. I tried clicking the defaults button and setting all volumes to full but still no voice from Tex, any help appreciated.
Thank you.
No I have not experienced issues with not hearing Tex. He rambles on and on.

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Thanks, somehow he is back now. I missed his ramblings! It might have been the update from Steam that fixed it.
Yes on Day 9, some of the voices seem very low.
I noticed that, at a certain 'facility' there is background sound, for which there is no slider, that pretty much drowns Tex out.
I too just begin experiencing this problem. Very annoying. Tex's voice is half of the experience. If anyone knows how to get it back on (I have done the sliders, etc. like the Blackpawn) I would appreciate a tip. Thanks!