Tesla effect - 3D enviroment keeps spinning right

The title says it all :)

As soon as the game starts the "room" keeps spinning, I can kinda counter act by moving the mouse left in increments, but the game is unplayable like this, specially TEX that you need to look at every little part of the enviroment to find clues. objects, etc...

My rig:

Windows 8.1 X64
CORE I7 3770K
Gigabyte Z77-up4 MOBO
3 ASUS 27" 3D monitros

I've trying running in surround video, no surround, to no effect (no pun intended) :)
It's almost like I was playing an old school game and my joystick wasn't calibrated, you know? Now, tex is old school and all, but not this one :)

Anybody had this problem?
Definitely send an email to BFG, maybe to [email protected].
Thanks man! :) Didn't even know who to contact :)
YW. If you haven't already, you probably should join the forums at http://bigfinishgames.com
marvio wrote:Thanks man! :) Didn't even know who to contact :)
did you get a reply from big finish as I see someone posted about a spinning camera by another username not sure if it was you or not.
tex murphy is back in town
anthonyjk88 wrote:Doubtlessly send an email to BFG, possibly to [email protected]
You work for BFG?