Where to get Overseer CD version?

I had the CD version of Overseer working in Linux just fine, running under Wine. Actually I wrote a post here about how I got it working.

I'd like to play Overseer again, but no longer have the installer files. So I went back to GOG to download them and got the DVD version. After messing with Wine and virtual machines I can't seem to get the DVD version working. Therefore I was wondering if there was somewhere I could get the CD version from GOG as it doesn't appear they are offering it for download anymore, and only have the DVD version. I've contacted GOG about getting the previous CD version, but I'm not too hopeful.

Any help is appreciated.

I still have the GOG Overseer CD version on my computer. I can upload it to dropbox or somewhere else you suggest, or alternately burn it to a dvd and send it to you. It's about 2gb. Send me a PM if you're interested.