Overseer bug?


I'm currently playing Overseer (gog version) and after I return from Bosworth Clark's lab back to San Francisco I'm trying to visit CAPRICORN, but Tex's saying that Wanda Peck is on a assignment. I gave her photo with Linsky and Klaus earlier (before going to the Anasazi ruins) and now I don't know what to do to trigger her appearance in CAPRICORN.
I tried walking, looking at things, talking to people, but nothing helps.

Did someone here also experienced this?

Thanks a lot.
I have never had tex say she was on assignment. have you tried the help maybe it might give you a clue on where to go next.
tex murphy is back in town
So I figured it out. I managed to get to Bosworth's computer, then the game crashed just before I left his lab. I didn't play the game immediately afterwards, so I completely forgot about it and when game asked me if I wanted to continue from where I finished, it loaded just before I solved the tone puzzle and I just didn't realized it, I thought that my last savegame was AFTER the puzzle was solved.
I wasted like hour just aimlessly wandering around SF :D

Thanks anyway!
glad you have sorted something out
tex murphy is back in town