Issue with text items in Tesla Effect

Can you please help with a video issue in Tesla Effect? This is the thing: all objects with text on them look blurry, so I cannot read what's on them. Even the items in the inventory cannot be read, and this of course is a big issue, e.g. I cannot get the code to enter the warehouse. Can you please help? I played with video settings both in HIGH as in MAX and there is no change.
I think you will have to provide a lot more detail about your computer's configuration before anyone can offer any kind of advice.
try to reduce your resolution in game settings to see if that makes a difference
tex murphy is back in town
OK. I will try lowering the resolution to see if that helps. If it doesn't (and, anyway, I don't find it as a preferable solution), I'll come back and post my PC config so you can assist me.
Thank you both!