Overseer Gog.com crashes

I downloaded the game from gog.com.

I would play it a bit. Whenever I opened a drawer, the game crashed on me.

Sometimes, I got an error that said, "No error is found."

I went to config inside of the game to change the screen resolution to 640x380.

The game still crashed.

I tried with Win 95 or 98 compatibility via Win 8.

Still, the game crashed.

I tried MIDI mapper, and same result.

Can you help me out?

is the message "error isn't a error or something like that, if so under midi what have you selected.
selecting microsoft windows midi mapper will only stop this silly error message. some windows 8 pc will have problems with overseer.

download this https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/213 ... 130106.exe
this installs a more up to date decoder.
tex murphy is back in town
Thanks. I installed the ffsdhow before you responded back to me. I figured out a way around it. Sometimes, I travel to another location and then come back to where I was working on the drawers. It stopped crashing on me. It's like I have to get in the mind of the programming code to play by the rules to be on the safe side. So far so good. The movies worked perfectly fine.

I haven't played the game for over 15 years although I have the CDs and the unplayable DVD. I've tried to install the CD so many times over the years but never can get it to work. That's why I gave up by buying it off from gog.com.
the cd disks won't work now on later systems & on win64 so the gog version is the only option these days.
tex murphy is back in town