Tex Murphy Overseer Graphic Error (Win 8)

I install DVD version on Windows 8. When I set some video codec in the settings who not work for me, than i can't see the videos and get a mpeg2 error. But the game works normaly fine.

But when I set Mediamatics DVD Express, i can see the videos in good quality, but the game will not work. It make 2 Displays, 2 Mouse coursers, with wrong graphic colours. I had installed the patch 1.04. Before I install them the game shut down after the Intro-video. And now the game runs, but shows me wrong graphic colours.

Is anybody familiar with this problem and can help me? I will be very fine if anybody knows how to fix this. Or did anytbody have a new patch? I can't install the new german-bastian batch because it's deleted :/

And i also try to play the game in win95 mode, same problem :/ I installed other mpeg codecs, but all of them makes no difference.

are you trying to run overseer with the original dvd disk or the gog version.

some how I think you are trying to run from the original disk which won't work on windows 8. Gog have a dvd version that will run on 64 bit windows but there is no guarantee it will run on your graphic card.
tex murphy is back in town
I solve the problem. I think my graphic card on my pc is to new. I try it on my windows 7 Laptop and here it works. And also the walking is more fluently than on my win8 pc. (I don't knwo why becuase my win8 pc had a better graphic card than my laptop). On win8 "Lockvideo:-1" don't work and the game crashes. But on the laptop i must set them to -1 so that the game works.

But thanks for your help. Now all works perfect.
I'm glad you got it working.

Regarding Win8, did you try running the game in Windows 7 or Windows XP Compatibility Mode?
Yes, but it shows the same graphic error :/
yeah, too bad. I just wanted to be sure you had tried it, in case it 'magically' fixed things ;)