Mpeg Problems Win7 (x86) - No subtitels and crashes

Ive tried to install overseer now on win 7. The game itself works very fine. But I have problems with the videos. They had no subtitels. But in the game the subtitels worked only not in the videos. And often when videos are playing, the game crashes suddenly. I have tried to install a and uninstall a lot of video codecs. I tried elecard, Dvd Express, ffdshow but same problem. Another crazy thing is that i see the taskbar when videos are playing. I have also install the 1.04 patch.

Did anyone have the same problems or have any solution for that?
Okay, turning the subtitle and midi sound off stopped the appcrashes on the videos.
I believe there are some midi settings that can make it play much better than other settings. You have to play around with them.

Also, installing and uninstalling various codec packs can really mess things up. Uninstalling a pack often does not remove it completely from the system.
are you playing from the original dvd
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