Mean Streets Save Game Trouble

I think I'm in trouble.

I went to the law and order offices earlier in the game and I picked up the coat from the closet which is now in my inventory. Much later in the game, I got stuck so I looked up that I'm supposed to "open" the coat in the closet to get the combo for the safe that has the last passcard I need. Now I can't open the coat since it's in my inventory, and I've long since overwritten all old save games.

Does anyone have a save game right before the end of the game? And does anyone know where the savegames are stored?

Otherwise, I'll just have to watch the ending on YouTube and call it a day.

:x :x :x
Have you tried the Overseer Hack file under Downloads, then Saved Games? I've never used it, but it might help with your inventory item problem.