Tesla Effect obsolete with Mac OS Catalina

Sad to see Tesla Effect already no longer compatible with Mac OS Catalina, which will only run 64 bit apps.

Not too surprising as a lot of other programs have the same problem, but sad that it's quite so soon after the game released. The good news is that it still runs fine in Windows (and long may that last!)

Back in the days, the saying used to go something like this :

Apple. It Just Works.

Nowadays, things have changed a little. The saying now goes :

Apple. It Works. Just.

I agree, this is super annoying that Apple chose to go this route, and it will only get worse with their announcement to transition future Macs to ARM architecture. I know we can use BootCamp to run Windows or MacOS Mojave, but that's such a pain to have to partition up your hard drive and effectively maintain a separate computer just to run older games.