Tex Overseer - the mouse pointer keeps flickering or disappearing

I have installed Tex Overseer version DVD from GOG on Windows 10. At first I had the transparencies in Tex's office. I have installed DgVoodoo and it had a black screen. After uninstalling DVD Express, the game works fine and has no transparency. Now I have a problem with the mouse cursor. It works fine for the entire game screen, but when I open the Top Main Menu the cursor disappears. I have opened the DgVoodoo.cpl panel and entered the DirectX option, I have checked the Texturing Filtering (Force anisotropic 16x) box and Antialiasing (MSAA) in 16x. Now I see the cursor over the Menu, but it is blinking throughout the game.If the mouse pointer keeps flickering or disappearing. Do you know what the problem can be and how to solve it? Thank you.
It's been a long time since I had the mouse flickering and mouse pointer disappearing problem,
you could check in the tex ini file and see if lock video is set to 1 or 0.
it could be set as -1 change to 1. personally I have only 1 pc that will run overseer on windows 10 and that's a microsoft surface
tex murphy is back in town
Hello plumgas.
Thanks for the reply.
I have changed before in Tex.ini LockVideo = -1 to 1 and it is much better.
It blinks much less but mouse pointer is transparent now.
Something else can be done to improve it.
Thank you!