Overseer DVD Cover

I just recently decided to try tracking down all the tex murphy games, and now I have a gfreat collection sitting in front of me. My biggest problems is that the Overseer I got off ebay came as a group of cd's and 1 dvd in slip covers... not very attractvie looking, and even harder to shelve.

Several other communities (sierra/lucasarts) have fan made dvd covers for several games - I was wondering if anyone here was aware of anything of the sort for the Tex Murphy Series?

I dd a search and the closest thing I came up with was the box cover thread - which I have begun work on creating my own dvd case in the event noone else has one yet. I ntocied however that there were not any high quality scans posted of the back of any of the Tex Murphy games. So a second requets would be to see if anyoen can point me in the direction of some high quality scans of the back of the tex murphy games.

Thanks - I figure of all the boards to ask on out there, this has got to be the one thats willing to help with such a task.
I might scan the backs in when I get home from work. Will keep you posted.

By the way... welcome to the board!

-Cub. =o)
I sent him some scanned box covers today. We'll find out if they were any good.
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