Tex murphy strategy guides

Are their strategy guides for any of the tex murphy games?
Whenever I've had any problems, I just always went to the Universal Hint System site and looked up the Tex Murphy games. This is not to be confused with the hint-systems build into the game, but is an actual internet site dedicated for hints and such.

But as for strategy guide books...I've never seen any, I think the games came out before guides like that were in the mainstream. But I'm not sure..
Actually, there were hint books for each of the "Big Three" Tex Games. I think all of them had interviews with "the guys". Pandora and UAKM hint guides you can still find pretty easily. Rick Barba was the author, I'm sure a few are listed on Ebay right now. But Overseer's hint guide was much more rare, and hard to find.

The hint guides weren't the teeny cheesy ones, but full nice editions. Oversize trade paperbakcs.
They're nice!
Oops! Yeah Jen is absolutely right.

Here's a <a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/Tex-Murphy-Overseer ... tem">Prima Guide for Overseer</a> on eBay, by Rick Barba. Great memory! I didn't happen to see any of the others, though.

Xalibar, it really all depends on what you're looking for from a strategy guide. I find that UHS and other online strategy guide sites (GameFaqs) help me completely, though I prefer UHS because it delivers the help in a way that's more like the in-game hint system (it takes you step by step, without revealing the rest of the solution if you just wanted a start). But if you're looking for an in-hand companion (that's not a print-out), the oversize trade paperbacks are your best bet!
Hey X! I've got multiples of all 3 guides, if you're interested. PM me for costs.
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Thanks but your alittle late, i managed to get the from a site. Thanks though.