Capturing video & audio in Overseer?

Is there a way to capture the video and audio from Overseer? I was able to capture both, video and audio, from UAKM and Pandora, using DOSbox 0.72.

Thank you!
Fraps will probably work, look for it on google.
Travis Jacobs

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Thank you, freepizza. I'll give it a try.
OK - It works great! Thanks again, freepizza!!!!!!
Cindy, there is not need to use fraps with Overseer...

Use a program called "Overviewer" which was specifically designed to extract the video files stright off the CDs in Overseer... you can even use it to extract the video files form the DVD version of Overseer in their DVD quality form!

There is not need to do screen capture.

Download it, run it, place one of your overseer CDs or DVDs in your drive, and you can simply pull each individual video file off the Disc.

-Cub. =o)