I want all three games!


I used to have the Pandora Directive, but loaned it to a friend who moved away. Bad move. I didn't even know the other two games existed! I would like to buy all three, if anyone knows where I can get them. Thanks for the help![/list]
Send me an email. I have extra copies of all three. I will need your address to compute shipping charges.

Guess it would help if I gave you my email.
[email protected]

Make sure to put Tex games in the subject line.
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there are five of them:
Mean Streets
Martian Memorandum
Under A killing Moon
Pandora Directive
Don't forget the Radio Episodes... There are 6 of those...

Ebay is an Excellent place to get any of the games... Sometimes it's a little harder to get those first 2, but the other 3, there are plenty of those on Ebay and Amazon...

And of course there are people as nice as Jim around here that will help anyone get back on there feet when it comes to Tex... You Go Jim, You Rock... 8)
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