Was Sylvia mentioned in Martian Memorandum?

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I always thought that box cover Mean Streets Sylvia and actual in-game Sylvia looked too different to be the same actress.

Incidentally, I didn't realize that Rebecca Broussard (Overseer Sylvia) was once married to Jack Nicholson. Interesting.
When Tex and Chelsee arrive at the Chinese restaurant, a young blond woman assists them and takes their coats. Her real name is Chris Conners and yes, she is AC's wife.
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Ahh, yes, that's the way it was. I knew there was a wife in there somewhere! :lol:

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Forgive me if I or someone else posted this already: At the beginning of PD, Tex sees a photo of her on his desk (it's the actress from UAKM) and as he's reminiscing thinking "Hmm, why couldn't we make this work?" she turns into a dragon and breathes fire at him. He then slams the photo into a drawer and has a dazed look.