20 bucks! now I really will buy extra copies for friends :)
I'm so excited!!!!

don't forget everybody aaron did say it might be delayed for a couple of days. Hopefully we will have it for the week-end.
tex murphy is back in town
STU! Bubala, all you need in these days of desperate banks is just enough money to open the bank account (I started mine when a local bank gave me $25 to open the account, and a promise to keep it opened for a year, no problem) I opened with $25. That made me have $50! I only needed a DOLLAR in the account to keep it opened. I used the coins from around the house (which I could deposit into the account FOR FREE to keep activity in the account. I had about $20 in the account (since I'm not selling any games) and about that much again in my wallet. Some of the money in my wallet will go into the bank in the morning so that when I pay for the game I will still have some money to keep the account opened. The banks may not give much in interest, but I just made another $25 dollars getting a more flush friend to open an account and keep hers opened for a year. Now I have almost $60. Check out local banks in your area, preferably ones you can walk to. See what they offer you in return to open an account. and the minimal amount you need to keep the account open.
Do it, it's worth it. :!:
Darnit with my puter crash i mised it all boehoehoe

and crap need to sort me a credit card or soemthing now to get it .

PS Yes im back be verry scared
Live is too short to waste it make sure its with the one u love !
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This game is going to rock, god bless Chris Jones @ Aaron Connors.