Question: Mean Streets 5.25 & game map

I'm about to get Mean Streets (boxed copy, 5.25" disks) for my games collection and the copy I'm about to buy lacks the paper sheet with the map. I've seen that map in boxed copies on 3.5" floppies but I've never seen it in a boxed 5.25 version. Can someone please tell me if the map WAS NOT included in the boxed 5.25" disks version, or if it was and the copy I'm about to buy just lacks it?

Thanks :)

PS: I'm asking this because the two boxed versions (5.25" and 3.5") were quite different and I need to know if the included/not included game map was one of those differences.
Bit late ;-) but perhaps of importance to someone else. The 5.25 version (6 disks, box opens at the front, and has a foam support inside) does include a big game map.
My (opened) copy does contain besides the map a manual, 4 x "private dic" sheets (detective information charts), a Real Sound booklet, a 3.5 disk offer sheet, a warranty registration card, and a Real Sound flyer.
I was checking this site for messages about the 3.5. Mean Street version, for the only version that I know (3.5 disk label at the front bottom) includes very poor material, a bit like the Sierra Slash versions (besides the manual and 3 x 3.5 disks it contains an envelope with some photocopied materials, including a very small map, quick start card sheet and 2 "private dic" sheets). Recently I noticed some buyers who inquired at eBay about a shrink wrapped 3.5 copy, but I guess it's a bit risky to buy such a version. If someone knows if "better" 3.5. versions exist, please let me/us know.