Under A Killing Moon review video

So, my initial review of all three CD-based Tex Murphy games was a success. Not a monumental one, but people seemed to like it. Then, Big Finish Games posted a link to that review on their Facebook page. I'm assuming that means CJ and/or AC have seen it.

After I erupted with joy, I got to thinking, and I realized I would have to respond somehow. And I did, or rather, am. Part 1 of what will become an epic trilogy of reviews can be found here:

The Save Files - Under A Killing Moon (PC)

Please leave comments here or on the video itself. Hope you guys like it; there's more to come.

Tex - "Was the picture of me flattering at least?"
Lucia - "Is that even possible?"
Saw the video and thought it was brillant. Very funny. I do have one point of disagreement. I loved the goofiness of UAKM. I found it very refreshing compared to all the other games that were so serious. It was nice to goof off even though you could die in the game.

Look forward to the next installments.

Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.
enjoyed the video, have you done one on overseer yet I can't remember
tex murphy is back in town
Nope, not yet. I did a review of all the FMV Tex games, and I discussed Overseer in a limited fashion. I'm now going into greater detail about each of them in turn. Which means Overseer comes last, I'm afraid, but it's coming, I promise.

I also compiled "Overseer: Cinematic Edition", an attempt to turn the cinematics of Overseer into one long, cohesive movie. It's on Youtube as well. Aside from those two things I can't think what else you'd be thinking of.

Tex - "Was the picture of me flattering at least?"
Lucia - "Is that even possible?"