Howdy from Aaron & Chris

I remember the first time i played Under a Killing Moon, and ever since then i have loved real actors portraying the characters no 3d Graphics or CGI you know what i mean can ever replace real people no mater how good it looks, if there is going to be one more final ride for a Tex Murphy adventure please please i beg you make it with real actors. :(
Aaron & Chris,

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on your plans.

I've enjoyed your games, ever since I saw that Under A Killing Moon box at my local Babbage's back in '96. Bought Pandora and Overseer there, too, when they came out. May just pick up all the series again on GoG, to get re-acquainted with Tex.

I remember when Access got bought up by Microsoft. I thought, "there's no way in hell Tex Murphy is ever coming back" least the way we knew the franchise. I saw that you guys put out those "radio episodes", and I'd come check-in periodically at UTM, with a glimmer of hope of announcement that a new Tex game was going to get made.

Yesterday, I read that Big Finish Games acquired the license back for Tex, and there was a new "Three Cards" franchise with the first game ready for purchase. Bought it and played it right to the end on my first play. Definitely looking forward to the next game in the franchise, and, of course, "Project Fedora".

Like some others have said, if you could swing for the FMV and live actors again, for the final Tex game, that would be killer, and help make a fitting end to the franchise, imo. However, if you need to bring it back to an updated version of the first two games style and gameplay, to get it done, I'd definitely still buy the game.

I agree with you all the way, i know it wold cost some expensive money to make another Tex Murphy game but i swear i would give every amount of my money to help make the game, i am so begging to see Chris Jones portrait Tex Murphy, Chris is a legend and my favourite actor of all time, everyday i think of a new Tex Murphy adventure.
I just love to play a Tex adventure everyday and cant get enough of it, i beg to god for another Tex Murphy adventure with real actors it would make one of my dreams become true.
God Bless you Chris Jones And Aaron Conners
Howdy from GMPetrie, and thank you for not forgetting about Tex after all these years. My first foray into the Tex games started when a friend gave me a copy of Mean Streets. I never got through this game, so I lost interest. But then playing Under a Killing Moon next and completing it encouraged me to go back to MS.

Now I have played all five games and I am looking forward to playing the next game.