Introducing Pandora Flight/Disclaimer For All My Utilites

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This utility let's you see a satellite view of things in VR Mode. This utility works like an abacus and changes the position of those beads. The 2 Byte Multiply Buttons represents the value for the larger bead and the number buttons represent the value for the smaller bead. Both the larger bead and smaller bead work together to form the overall number value for Tex's height. The 2 Byte Multiply Buttons adds 255 or decreases 255 to the value number of Tex's height respectively. And the number buttons change the value of the small bead to the number designated on the applicable button.

This utility is really useful to increase Tex's height as once you've increased it you can always use the Control button like you normally would to decrease Tex's height. This can be done all the way from Tex's height having a value of 2000 to 0 or to whatever the minimum applicable height may be. But you'll find out 2000 is SUPER HIGH. You can see a lot by just having Tex's height at 20 or pressing the 20 button. However, the Shift button resets things, so think of the utility as your shift key.

This trainer should be compatible with DOSBox 0.73 - 65000 Cycles. Other DosBox settings may not work, most likely having the program simply do nothing. Also Antivirus programs falsely flag trainers as being harmful, but all my utilities are used at people's own risks. It would be great to have some testers to vouch for the safety of my utilities.

I may look into the feasibility of adding Hot Keys at some time.
Can't wait to try it :D Your the best man.
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