I am interviewing some cast and crew of Tesla Effect!

Great interview. Thanks!
Great job Jessa. Wasn't sure how you were going to play it, but I think you hit the right tone.

The only thing I would mention is that you brought up the $ from KickStarter but didn't mention what came in through PayPal. I believe to overall total was around $657,000. Come to think of it, I think maybe James should change the embed on this site to include the PayPal contributions.
Jessa, don't know why I didn't think of this before but, now that you've interviewed some of the cast, you should hold another interview with members of UTM/Project Backers who were on set and became part of the crew. Get them to tell us about their experiences.

I think it would be even better if you can get Adrian to sit in again, get his perspective on using inexperienced people as crew.