Tesla Effect book -- Aaron Conners

Great news! Look forward to reading the new editions.
Great update! I think a novel only story that fills the gap may attract lazy Tex Murphy game fans to the books. They really add something. I will order UaKM and PD when they are available. :D
Holy Chocolate Cow!

"The second book, of course, will be the grand finale of the Tex Murphy saga. Hopefully that one will be adapted into a game. Fingers crossed!"

I'm so excited to hear this! Woo-Hoo!!!!!

Aaron, you mentioned considering a deluxe 5 book version. Would this be, oh perhaps, a compilation in one hardbound book? I've seen other authors do this with a long series and it's an awesome perk to their readers. Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy series), Madelaine L'Engle (Wrinkle in Time Series) and one of my favorites, MaryJanice Davidson (Betsy Taylor series).

I'd give alot to have that. I'm thinking a nice deep green, cloth hardcover with library binding and easy on the eyes type...oh, hell.. I'm salivating already!
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
R U perhaps a librarian??

But you can't change a person soul. Just their employment status.
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This is FANTASTIC news! :) Having read the Tesla Effect novel, I genuinely wish I'd read it before playing the game. Not only would some of the revelations in the book have had a greater impact, but also I think the flaws in the game's plotting would have been ameliorated, somewhat.

You've made my weekend, Aaron :D
Also, if Tesla Effect was essentially TRANCE, then could the 'bridge' novel be CHANCE, with the grand finale being POLARITY?

I envision POLARITY, as a title, was always intended as a reference to the Tex / Donellly dynamic.
I figured TE was Polarity. The order of the stories was supposed to be Chance, Polarity, Trance. Given the plot involved a huge electric device (polarity relating to electricity and magnetism), Polarity would make sense. I think some elements of Trance may have made their way into the game, but the bulk of it is Polarity.
Mr. Buckstein is correct. Tesla Effect was, for the most part, the Polarity story, though Ian is definitely onto something with the Tex/Donnelly connection. I suspect that connection might be explored further in the final saga, which is still tentatively titled "Trance". :-)

The bridge story (Novel #4) will no longer be titled "Chance", but will definitely cover the events introduced at the end of Overseer. In fact, it will actually start earlier, near the end of The Pandora Directive. It's a story I'm very excited to tell (and a long time coming)!

There's also been some discussion of possibly doing an interactive version of the story. Stay tuned for more details...

Regarding the three current books, I posted some details under another topic, which I'll include here as well:

The new Kindle and paperback versions of Under a Killing Moon and The Pandora Directive will be available on Amazon today. If you'd like signed copies, here's what you need to do:

1) Send an email to [email protected].
2) Include your name, mailing address, which books you want and if you'd like them signed or dedicated (and any specific dedication you might have in mind).
3) We will send you a PayPal invoice with the total cost of books + shipping. We use priority 2-day shipping in the U.S. For international shipping, we will also use priority, but the shipping time and cost depends on where you live. The new editions of UAKM and TPD are $14.95 each.
4) You can pay the invoice with PayPal or a credit card (it's not complicated at all).

I have ordered the physical copies from Amazon, which will be shipped to me so I can sign them. They're scheduled to arrive on July 30 and we will get them signed and shipped out asap, so you should have them no later than August 3.

For more info and special offers, please visit my website, http://www.aaronconners.net. It is being updated today and will be ready to check out tonight or tomorrow.

One last note: Big Finish Games will be sending out an email soon to all Kickstarter backers with this information about the books, so please pardon the redundancy. :-)

Thanks again for all the support!