Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect on Linux

annie from OZ wrote:If you can't access the Private Blog, here's what it says:

Just a quick note:

The Bink codec is now supported in Linux.
We are just waiting for them to integrate this version with Unity.

They are tentatively planning on having that done by the End of August.
(That date is probably not set in stone...and may still (may likely?) be a little fluid.)

Once Bink integration is complete, we'll need to implement form our side.

I'd like to make a note here: It took many many weeks for our team to actually get Bink working--even after the promised (initial windows) integration.

Just wanted to give you an update.
We haven't forgotten about you.
Awesome, thanks!

For the devs who read this:

It's too bad Bink is being so difficult and that there isn't a better software solution. Hope at least it is ironed out soon!

FYI there have been quite a lot of games with tearing issues on Linux, but the games in which have a vsync option to force that on end up fixing it. The Bink videos in XCOM had fairly noticable tearing issues until an XCOM patch fixed vsync. I'm not sure if Unity has this fixed or not and of course will let you know!

Thanks so much for your Linux support!!!!!!!!!

Tex rules!