Yes, you saw right, all damned caps! I just type-shouted your eyes to bleeding. I've had this game for a while now, since MAY, and couldn't play with anything I had in my house. Until about 30 minutes ago that is. Family friend fixed me up and took picture of me intensely staring at the screen (to which I demanded he erase...I take awful photos).

So, if you'll excuse me for the next 6 months... I'm probably not going to sleep much and my kids will eat peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Laudry can burn itself, I'm not washing it or the dishes; Maybe my husband can do target practice with the dishes? PTA takes a flying leap to oblivion. 8D

I am one happy fitch, Chandler!!
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
What I said on BFG :P
LOL! Glad you finally are able to play the game.