Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 Report

Tesla Effect was at Comic Con again this year!

I didn't take a lot of pictures, and now that it's over, I wish I had taken more.

In the booth and pictured from Left to Right:
Larry Thomas - Soup Nazi and Lt. Danwicz
Dan Strong - Comic/Game Author and Maldonaldo
Doug Vandegrift - Muppet Baby and Rook
Bobby James - Baby Daddy and Audio Engineer
Mat Van Rhoon - Cubase and Visual Effects

Not pictured but occasionally present:
Chris Jones - Golf Enthusiast and Tex Murphy
Aaron Conners - Author and Black Arrow Killer
Randall Malin - The Professor and Mason Bauers
Courtney James - Right Hand and Product Manager
Mason Jones - Pop Locker and QA
Colin LKU - Roadie and XML Guy
Chris Conners - Bro and Gus Leach
Matt Jones - Amazing Bag Man and VR Developer

There was a new trailer running at the booth that showed off the humour in Tesla Effect and the reaction of reviewers and players.

Larry was there selling signed Soup, Ladles and photos.

Aaron was there selling signed books.

We sold a lot of Steam and GOG codes, Comics, Digital Soundtrack, T-Shirts, etc.

I was there primarily helping out with the VR demos- we gave 100s of five minute demos on the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2. We primarily let people explore the Beach House, Chandler Avenue, and Sesen. Lots of people liked jumping to their death from Coit Tower!

It was lots of fun!
Gur, Gur bëhet mur.
xhonzi wrote:Lots of people liked jumping to their death from Coit Tower!
Well, of course they did. Who wouldn't?!?! :D
Thank you for the update! It sounds like so much fun. Evansville is having one in October or November soon. I'm considering taking my kids since my son is such a huge Star Wars fan.

Mr. Jones, apologies in advance:
I must confess, and it pains me to irk anyone who loves this sport, but I really think golf is goofy and pointless. My husband loves it too, but I knew when we moved in together that he enjoyed it. I never could quite understand the point of the sport. You hit a tiny ball as far as you can. Then search around for a while to find it and hit it again.

Yesterday I took a night trip to Cincinati for a midnight release from my favorite author. I was pleasantly surprised she remembered me when I had her sign a rare book of hers. She recognized me.. and I got a big hug. :)

It was a great time excluding the 7+ hours driving time.
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
The funny thing is, golf isn't really a competition against other people; it's a personal challenge. It's one of the very few, if not the only, sport(s) that can be played solo. The challenge is to take into account everything you learned in your last round and use it to improve your score in the next one.