What's your way in Pandora Directive?

What's your way in Pandora Directive?

Mission Street
Lombard Street
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Total votes: 11

My way is Mission Street. With all 15 "good guy" points. What's your way?
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I definitely think he's a Mission Street kinda guy. I think Tex's goofy humor lands him most comfortably into that style, as well. That or Lombard (which is where he usually ends up when I take the reins!).
If I'm just playing the game, I invariably end up on Lombard Street. The only way I get to Mission (or BBD) is to be extremely careful and constantly on guard about every little thing.

Of course, this is because nearly all paths eventually lead to Lombard Street, while Mission and BBD can only be reached with strict adherence to their very narrow paths.

I think the alternate paths have, what you might call, academic value. They are interesting and it is with a sense of accomplishment that I can follow them. But I also think that the restrictions associated with trying to stay on one of the paths takes some of the fun out of the game.
You know, I hate to say this because so many of you are Mission and Lombard Street guys. I think that makes me a bad person because I'm a full blown Broken Dreams kind of guy. Some people are turned off by the way Tex acts in that style. Not me, I love it.

I'm the kind of guy that plays Knights of the Old Republic, and totally becomes worse than Darth Vader.

I mean, because I can't be that in real life, it's my out.
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I'd follow the dark side in Knights, if only the dialogue options didn't make me sound like a common thug.
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My first finaly was lombard street, so I suppose that the way I like Tex to be.

I have just finished Boulebard of Broken Dreams for the first time, and it is so different and well done, but I don´t like to see Tex like that.
The first time i played the Pandora Directive i got the ending with the holo-date then i did something else and i was surprised at what i saw next. Tex threw Chelsea on the table and my eyes were like :roll: After that somebody told me about the different paths.

I never got the happy ending, allways i got the holo-date and one time i got the clown ending. Maybe someone can help me out in some way how to get the [points] for all different endings.
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I'll help you, Kivanc.

Alex Bark.
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It's a pity that it is so difficult to get through the other two paths.
I always went through the "Lombard Street", until I found a "walkthrough" :|

It is almost impossible to get to the "Mission Street" without knowing exactly what to do.

My favourite path is Mission Street, mainly because it has the best ending. I find Holo-Date-ending too sad :)
Lombard here, too.
I decided to go the 'Broken Dreams' route after a particularly bad break up with my girlfriend. Even then I was shocked at how insensitive and selfish Tex could become!
Make your choices, ladies and gentlemen.
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My way is Mission St., when I can manage to get there.

OTOH, I can't submit a vote because it always says "the submitted form is invalid" - happens with IE and FireFox.
Mission Street - Holo Date ending is my fav.
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Mission street. I'm a sap when i comes to love.
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