Stuck outside Sesens

I'm stuck getting in to Sesens. It took me till Day 4 to get to Sesens (currently on "To Have and Have Not" path). I can't see that I'm doing anything wrong with the puzzle for getting to the front door (rotating columns with hieroglyphics at the entryway to lower the force field), but I cannot get the force field to lower. I've tried exiting and reloading, but no. I had straightened out severe lag yesterday with a new video driver (really miraculous change) but now it's lagging again, and I'm not sure if the force field tripping is so delayed I'm not getting it to trigger. This is a real game breaker. I figured if you got to Sesens you'd done everything you needed to do to get there. Help?
Getting the force field to drop is, AFAIK, simply a matter of rotating the 'discs' of the left column to the correct positions. I'm not aware of any other requirements.

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Chandler is right. You rotate the left column's sections until their images match the column on the right. Some can be a bit tricky if you don't look at the details carefully (not sure if your video card issues is contributing to that or not), but the force field will drop once you get it right.